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✌️ Sol Luckman here. This offer goes out especially to art buffs and beach lovers, since painting and the salt life are THE major themes in my humorously poignant memoir from my years in the Lowcountry, MUSINGS FROM A SMALL ISLAND.

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✏️ Fellow artist and reviewer for Readers’ Favorite Nancy Tobin gave this glowing review of MUSINGS:

Sol Luckman has eloquently written a witty, insightful memoir in MUSINGS FROM A SMALL ISLAND: EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN. As an art major, I thoroughly enjoyed Sol’s humor and philosophical thoughts on the elusive purpose of art and his expression of life on his small island. His love of bodysurfing and descriptions of the tourist environment at the beach were hilarious and an observation I share, having lived in Florida for many years. I laughed out loud for the first fifty pages. This book is not all humor, though. In this open display of musings by Sol, he bares his soul and reveals some of his struggles with a nasty funk and how he used bodysurfing to overcome personal challenges.

MUSINGS FROM A SMALL ISLAND hit a distinct chord with me. I must be a kindred spirit (or perhaps a spirit animal?). His sarcasm had me grinning as his thoughtful descriptions of tourists’ bicycle etiquette, country music, palmetto trees, politics, cell phones, and life, in general, delighted me because I so agree with him. This justifiably opinionated author is a prolific artist, poet, and mixologist. And as if that isn’t enough, there’s more. The art stands alone. I loved his paintings! The simplicity of his work falls somewhere between abstract, modernist, and minimalist. His work is so good that I left the book briefly to research his website, where I found more than five hundred examples of his colorful portrayals of life. It was a joy reading the musings of Sol Luckman. So joyous, I’ll reread it. I may even buy one of his paintings.

🎟 Today I’m thrilled to share this self-illustrated coffee table book as a download for visitors to my new virtual exhibit of paintings, WILD AT ART.

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🆓 Please spend a little time browsing this curated selection of recent work and, before you leave, be sure to click on “Additional Resources” to access your complimentary copy of MUSINGS.

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