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🪬 Sol Luckman here. While experiencing Potentiation and the Regenetics Method to heal my almost decade-long chronic autoimmune dis-ease, I came to innerstand that I was also detoxifying not only harmful toxins and organisms but also traumas as well.

These days there’s a lot of new information on, and strategies for dealing with, trauma—and for good reason.

As I explore in my newest book, THE WORLD CULT & YOU, we’re a systematically traumatized species.

Past and even recent traumas can create energy blockages in the body-mind-spirit that limit the free flow of life energy, which is regulated by DNA.

DNA is a holographic sound and light carrier wave that translates information from different octaves, dimensions, or areas of the “ener-genetic” construct of our “reality.”

If, for instance, you experience trauma that gets held in your energy field, it might express itself through the holographic translation mechanism of DNA into various issues in your mind, body, or spirit.

The first activation in the Regenetics Method, Potentiation, is an integrated reset and healing of one’s damaged or distorted bioenergy blueprint using sound and light waves designed to interface with DNA.

A variety of benefits—physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual—are regularly reported.

You can experience Potentiation the first Sunday of every month virtually, and it’s absolutely FREE.

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Alternatively, you can learn to do Potentiation for yourself and loved ones, and even your pets, with a FREE TRIAL that gives you access to a variety of premium and exclusive Regenetics resources …

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To your potential!

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