I love smart friends.

Thank you, Sol Luckman, and Leigh, for your good work! I have been looking at this and that from you for a long time. I am ready to dive in now. I have been interested in your book. I will get it soon.

You mentioned an old Shamanic tradition in which a task is considered impossible by other elders and is given to a novice because they don’t know it is impossible. This reminds me of a conversation I was having recently about the wisdom of children and young people.

You said that Dewey Larson’s Reciprocal System of Physical Theory states that we have one foot in the world of spirit (time/space) and the other in the world of matter (space/time)

It sees the spiritual realm of time space as primary.

Do you think of that as infinity?

“This is the repository of the consciousness templates from which space-time reality is constructed” , this suits my intuition which has always caused me to say “I do not consign to linear time, it isn’t the overriding factor”

The physical world is a secondary epiphenomenon that emerges directly from what

Wilcock calls the “consciousness field.”

…………..SO primacy of consciousness over material, I know that’s true just thinking it.

Having you say it to me this morning was really important to me though.

You have helped me to solidify my own ideas by reflecting them back at me.

I thank you for that.

Spiritual energy is what can heal us.

I also know this and have known it from the start. If I look back to anytime in my life when I was sick or had to care for the sick, I knew this was truth. It makes so much sense now.

It’s so clear.

I assume your book will cover more of your understanding of the “linguistic means to generate torsion waves that stimulate self-repair capability intrinsic to DNA."

I will be humming and listening to Rife frequencies today.

DNA is the connection point between our space time existence and the time space blueprint. Do you believe that people’s DNA are under attack these days and for that very reason?

Perhaps it doesn’t even matter because we can take over our own healing journey from here, wherever we are.

No matter how dark it gets, I have never let go of the idea that you can come back from anything.

“The mind exists in the auric fields”

This, I have known to be true. When I make music with people I can see things.

I don’t generally go around talking about it much, but I see things.

"In these torsion templates of consciousness functioning hyper dimensionally in time space we experience the core creative workings of inspiration intuition and imagination."

This is the idea that the author talks about in the book Big Magic, this is the poem that rolls across the hill from you or the product you thought of as a child that became a real product right away after you thought of it. Among many things. We are all immersed in it.

"When they pass through our space time we process them by the brain and central nervous system" – and that’s only if we are open to receiving them?

"Arnold Mindell calls our time space manifestation the “dreambody”

Whose secondary counterpart in space time is the physical body."

I am going to have to switch how I talk about time/space.

I usually say it like that, when what I really mean is Space Time.

I will think of it like our bubble that we are in in space. Then I will think of time secondarily because we have the secondary (linear) version of it. (not the overriding everything of it)

Thank you for this piece.

It has also inspired me to art and made me extremely confident in my intuition. You helped me to walk across a bridge today in my level of understanding.

I was at a standstill for what to create next and now I have copious notes of ideas which have arisen simultaneously whilst taking this in. Here is to you.

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