Harmonizing the Sacred Feminine & Masculine to Access the 3rd Riverbank of Being w/ Dr. Kelly Brogan


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Sol Luckman

My interview with NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Dr. Kelly Brogan (A MIND OF YOUR OWN) is undoubtedly one the most fascinating and empowering interviews I’ve ever conducted.

Topics in this wide-ranging and empowering discussion with one of the great holistic minds of our time include:

* The people’s childlike parentification of the Powers that Be vs. the power of growing up and saying No;

* The programmed trauma underwriting We the People’s perpetual underdevelopment and how we can employ various strategies to “titrate” our way out of this stunted state of being;

* The ability of eros, particularly but not exclusively for women, to heal the inner divide between the sacred feminine and masculine;

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